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Cash for Your Scrap Cars Edmonton

Cash for your scrap cars Edmonton and area is a great way to give old vehicles a new life. Recycling scrap or unwanted cars in Edmonton is easy. Cash for used cars has free scrap car removal. We remove any unwanted cars that you consider junk. Call us or just fill the quote form and receive cash for your scrap cars, and we will reply with direct quote. Our environment friendly recycling process ensures that disposing is done without any harm to atmosphere

What will cash for your scrap cars Edmonton do for you?

Cash for your scrap cars  Edmonton  will  help to save the environment we live in and retire your vehicle. One part of the recycling business which will not be as popular however, it is necessary, and even vital, is cash for scrap cars in Edmonton.  However, the cash for scrap cars in Edmonton area has a positive impact on the environment. Cash for used cars decreases the environmental effect of car extraction, and is an important part of a green Edmonton. 

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Scrap car recycling reduces the greenhouse gas emissions created throughout the processing and smelting operations. You don’t need to find high and low to participate and reap the advantages. You will be able to find recyclable cars in your everyday things like car batteries, steel cans and so much more!

 Consider donating your vehicle to a charity

Spend some time looking into programs such as Kidney Car, which will tow your vehicle for free and proceeds are used toward a variety of programs to help in the fight against kidney disease.   

The Switch Out program is designed to recover the nine tonnes of mercury estimated to still be on the road in old car switches and direct it to purpose-built recovery facilities. Recyclers sell most of the parts they’ve extracted to parts brokers, rebuilders and repair shops, with a few going to do-it-yourselfers trying to fix up classic cars, says Fletcher.

“The recycled part starts at a 50 per cent cost savings compared to a brand new one from the dealership,” says Fletcher. “And the older the car, the more likely the dealership doesn’t even have the part; they’re actually ordering it from us to make a repair.” 

That’s why they are happiest to see cars between five and 10 years old arrive at their door—the parts have particularly good resale value since there are still lots of those models on the road.

The rest of the profit comes from the sale of recovered metal. Once everything useful has been removed, the car is flattened and shipped to a shredding facility, where it’s ground up, the ferrous metal is separated from the remaining metals, like aluminium or copper, and all are recycled.