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FAQ – How long does the process take?

The process is usually very quick with cash for used cars, we can pick up the vehicle within 24 hrs.

Your car is disposed of in the most environmental way?

Your vehicle will be disposed of in a 100% eco friendly way by being depolluted and all recyclable parts will be removed and the remaining shell will then be crushed.

What areas can you collect scrap cars from?

We are able to collect scrap cars from the Edmonton and Surrounding areas. If you have a scrap car give us a call and will tell you what are your  options.

Are you a professional vehicle disposable company?

Of course. We only use vehicle recycling facilities that are licensed by the environment agency. We specialize in disposing our vehicles in an environmentally sound way. Having traded for many years now we enjoy a reputation of quality and service.

How will I receive payment?

Cash will be paid upon collection of the vehicle.

How will I receive for my vehicle?

This is based on the age, condition, make and model of your vehicle. We will make you a cash offer over the phone or by email for your car, van, truck, or suv.

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