The Story Behind An Unwanted Car

Are you experiencing unwanted car troubles? Is your vehicle damaged, acting up, or costing you more than its worth? Then it may be time to break up with your car, and go your separate ways. Now is the time for you to dump your car, and make some quick cash!

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By Cash For Used Cars

CASH FOR USED CARS EDMONTON will offer you an easy, hassle free “break up” with your car, SUV, truck, or van. We are a reputable company that offers the best car prices available. Vehicles of any condition are eligible for pick up! Our reliable junk car removal service drives to the location of your unwanted vehicle, tows your car free of charge, and pays you cash for the parts salvaged! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You are looking to get rid of your car sooner than later, and our professional service is here to dispose of your vehicle in a prompt, efficient manner.

We pay you for what is salvaged, on the same day of the removal! We spare no effort to be environmentally conscious by finding a new home for your salvaged automotive components, and recycling said vehicular parts. Our number one priority is to save you the headache of contacting a towing company, or being swindled into paying hidden removal fees, and we follow through with this by providing free pick-ups and towing for your unwanted car. Saying goodbye has never been so sweet, or effortless!

We are happy to feature our online Instant No Obligation Quote, a quick and easy way to quote your junk car’s cash value. Once you enter the make, model, year, and condition of your vehicle, you are one click away from having your quote! While our scrap car competitors may underbid, or over-estimate the value of your vehicle, CASH FOR USED CARS EDMONTON’s realistic approach is a belief in honest and fair quoting, to ensure that you get the best cash back deal possible.

“You don’t have to know all about the scrap business to drive a hard bargain with a junkyard dealer. You just have to know a little about what makes your junk car valuable to him in the first place.”

Although it may not be easy to part with your car, let us ease the heartbreak by taking the car disposal out of your hands. With our free quoting, towing, and same day cash back, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction with our service. CASH FOR USED CARS EDMONTON has you and your vehicle’s best interests at heart.

Our Edmonton store is located at 888 Cy Becker Dr, NW Edmonton. We are open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM, and our friendly, well-trained staff are eager to help you with your junk car removal needs.

Tel: 780-707-5554

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Cool Facts About Junking a Car

  • if your car is totally wrecked, you can still scrap it for parts
  • the US gets 14 million tons of steel from junk cars
  • junked tires may go to a recycling plant and end up making sandals, vehicle carpets, and playgrounds
  • they can recycle up to 86% of your vehicle to conserve iron ore, coal, and limestone
  • people recycle more car batteries than paper
  • the automotive recycling industry in North America conserves 85 million barrels of oil by recycling auto parts, every year
  • according to research, the number of hazardous fluids and oils reclaimed safely by auto recyclers is equal to 8 Exxon Valdez spills

As you can see, junking your car does not only help you, it helps the environment!

Junk Your Car Today!

Letting go often hurts momentarily, but it opens up opportunities for growth and new endeavors. That car brought you over 100,000 miles worth of memories, and now it’s time for it to get recycled into something that will benefit others.

If junking a car is right for you, then check us out!

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