What to do with your damaged car?

What should you do?

Repair it?  Maybe.  Accidents with less than $2000 in damage can be quickly fixed with minimal down time and rental vehicle expense.  IMPORTANT:  vehicles with less than $2000 in damage most likely have superficial(cosmetic) damage rather than structural repairs which affect vehicle integrity and market value.

Moderate to severe collision damage (more than $2000) will take your vehicle off road for several weeks.  Before you make the decision to repair your vehicle look at the following:

  1. Model Year – if it’s older than 2009, it makes good sense to trade out now
  2. Miles – more than 160,000 km and the red flag should be up – do you really want to put money into a car with limited life left in it?
  3. Market Value – if the damage on your car is greater than 20% of the BOOK VALUE – do not fix the car!

Sell your damaged, crushed or salvaged car to Cash for Used Cars for TOP DOLLAR and pocket the repair check.

Take both checks and buy a new car or upgrade to a nicer pre-owned vehicle.
Cash for Used Cars pays Top dollar for your damaged car.

Even a damaged or a salvaged car, has valuable parts and components that can be resold here in Canada or abroad.  Today, the carcass of a salvaged vehicle can be sold by the pound to nations where steel is scarce and in high demand.

Cash for Used Cars Edmonton will buy a damaged, crushed, salvaged or used car AS-IS and we pick up for free!  Consumers stuck with a damaged car can get quick cash to put toward a replacement vehicle.  If you can’t or won’t have your car repaired, simply pocket the insurance claim check and cash for used cars will pay you to walk away from the salvaged vehicle.

We speak to hundreds of people each day that have been in an accident and want out of their vehicle. Nobody wants a damaged car, even if its repaired perfectly. Your insurance company may tell you they are responsible to repair the car to “pre-accident” condition. That is the agreement they have with you, also referred to as your insurance policy or binder. But is it really possible to “restore” a vehicle to it’s pre-accident condition? Not really. Even if the damaged car is repaired with surgical precision by human hands, there will be flaws and inconsistencies. The welds won’t be done by the robots at the factory and the parts won’t be dipped in zinchro-metal baths…Plus, the vehicle will have accident history and the value of your vehicle will never be what it was “pre-accident”.

What can you do about it? Make the most of a bad situation and be informed before you agree to the repairs. Here are three things you can do to get the most out of your auto insurance claim:

  1. After the damaged car repair estimate is performed, ask for a digital copy via email along with the photos (images). That can be shared with other collision shops that may offer to repair the vehicle for less money. Additionally, you may find out that your insurance estimate is low and you are entitled to more money to get the vehicle repaired to “pre-accident” value!
  2. Get a cash offer for the damaged vehicle “as-is”. You can call (780) 707-5554 or email the repair estimate to us and we will respond immediately with a buy price that includes us towing it away. It may make sense to keep the repair check and sell the damaged vehicle for crushing or  “as-is”.
  3. Remind your insurance adjuster that you are the customer. If you have been a loyal one, tell them for how many years you have been with their company and that next premium check you write will go to a competitor! You may get more cooperation if you let them know you plan to switch companies.
  4. You can also look for more information regarding your damaged car here, Sell My Damaged Car, can also help with the removal of your unwanted car.

There are close to 70,000 accidents per annum on Canadian Roads. Half of them have coverage and get repaired or totaled. Most people want “out” of their damaged car after a wreck, especially a bad one. Think about how many television ads you have to watch and how many of them are insurance companies vying for your business! Ask yourself if they would be doing that much advertising if their business was not profitable?

Contact us at Cash for Used Cars to get rid of that damaged vehicle. Call us now!

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